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    CNN interviewed Ruben for their Business Executive Education section. Read the article here.







    Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez


    Read Ruben's articles in "Coach's Corner" in

    Success Magazine








    Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez





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    Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez


    Jack Canfield uses Ruben's incredible story three times in his book "The Success Principles" to illustrate what it really takes to succeed in life.

    Read more about Ruben's story









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  • Ruben co-stars in the ground breaking  movie "Pass It On"

    Click here to learn more about the movie featured at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival  


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    So... You Want to Become a Professional

    Motivational Speaker?


    Want be a motivational or inspirational speaker? Looking for some tips and tricks about how to become a motivational speaker? Presenting a motivational speech or keynote yourself?

    Youll find a ton of helpful tips here written for folks who need to learn more about professional motivational speaking whether or not you a pro!

    Youll learn about adding humor to your programs. Everyone from beginning presenters to professional speakers will find plenty of information about the craft, the mindset, and assorted business details of professional keynote speaking.


    Click here to
    learn how.





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    Ruben competed in four Winter Olympics in three different decades in the sport of luge. His incredible story leaves his audiences thinking "If Ruben could make it to three Olympics, then I can do Anything!" When Ruben competed in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics (at the age of 47) he made Olympic history by becoming the first Winter Olympian to compete in four Olympics each in a different decade. Ruben will show your people how to get to the top but more importantly, how to STAY at the top. un human development index 2011

    Movie Co-Star

    Ruben was invited to share his personal experience and insights in the motivational movie "discworld the last hero ", along with several of the world's top success experts. "Pass It On" is a ground-breaking full length feature film about how anyone can change their personal or professional life by following universal success principles. world atlas 2011 free

    He's the associate producer for the Napoleon Hill Foundation's movie about perseverance, "Three Feet from Gold."

    Best Selling Author

    Ruben's internationally best selling books have been translated into several languages. His highly acclaimed "The Courage to Succeed," is endorsed by Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, Lou Holtz, and many other top achievers. egyptian book of thoth


    Ruben's column "High Achievement" appears in publications across the nation. His success articles on peak performance are read in every continent. print iphoto book from

    Media Personality

    Rubens is a frequent radio and TV guest. He's appeared nationally on ABC, CBS, and NBC and the FOX Business Channel. He's been featured in Time Magazine, BusinessWeek, Success Magazine as well as publications in all five continents. (more)


    Ruben owns several thriving businesses. He has over twenty years sales experience - many of those years selling copiers and office equipment in downtown Houston, TX.

    Award-winning Celebrity Motivational Speaker

    Ruben regularly shares the stage in huge arenas across America with some if the top motivational speakers in the industry including Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Denis Waitley, and Les Brown. His audiences range from a handful of people in a boardroom to thousands at large national conventions. (more)

    As an internationally recognized motivational speaker, Ruben breathes inspiration into people and organizations. His high impact program is content rich, motivational, inspirational and entertaining.

    Ruben draws on his experience as a business owner, author and Olympian to guarantee that the motivational speech is meaningful and unforgettable.

    A truly gifted speaker, Ruben's messages get to the hearts and minds of his audiences. A natural born storyteller and motivational speaker, Ruben's presentations become the talk of every event.

    Ruben's keynote challenges audiences on emotional as well as intellectual grounds. Ruben is a keynote speaker rich in content, riveting and entertaining.
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  • Ruben is an outstanding, accomplished and inspiring speaker. He WOWED our audience of 6500 at a Million Dollar Round Table event. Ruben has one of the most compelling messages
    Ive ever heard presented."

    Guy Baker - 37 year member of the Million Dollar Round Table
    MDRT President 2010



    Ruben is as experienced a motivational speaker as you could ever hope to have. Call today and make your next event unforgettable.

    Ruben is doing a limited number of appearances this year.

    To Check Ruben's availability call:













    "They're just like Deodorant!"

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     Ruben Gonzalez  - Motivational Speaker -    832-689-8282